c-LEcta Closes Exclusive Supply Agreement with Global Pharma Company


As a result of several years of successful collaboration in the field of biocatalysis, c-LEcta and a global leading producer of generic APIs have now closed an exclusive long term supply agreement for an enzyme developed by c-LEcta.

In the course of the collaboration the project partner has conceptualized a novel synthesis route for a large volume generic API while c-LEcta has engineered one of its proprietary nitrilases being used therein. Now, that the enzymatic production process has been implemented and validated, the API is manufactured in commercial scale, whereas c-LEcta is in charge of the commercial scale production of the customized Nitrilase for the exclusive supply.

“We were delighted to execute this supply agreement together with the partner being an innovative global player in the generic API market”, Marc Struhalla, CEO of c-LEcta, says. “This collaboration further proves that biocatalysis is a very valuable tool for the synthesis of APIs and that enzymes developed and produced by c-LEcta enable cost-leadership in the highly competitive market of generic APIs.”

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Source: News by c-LEcta gmbH from 8th February, 2018