Transinsight 10 Jahre Semantic Excellence: Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Nutzung künstlicher Intelligenz zur Beantwortung biomedizinischer Fragen. Zehn Jahre Geschäftstätigkeit auf dem Gebiet der Semantik in der Biomedizin

Ten years ago, on November 19th 2005, we had a vision: to bring artificial intelligence to the biomedical domain. To contribute to better health for billions would make a big difference for the world, was our motivation. We started as true entrepreneurs and dove into the field of semantics and ontologies. Words, that were ten years ago, known and understood by few people. We created, the first and still only semantic search engine in the world and helped millions of researchers in both industry and science to do their work more efficiently. The feedback from customers and researchers from universities like Stanford, Harvard, LMU Munich and Leopoldina as well as famous companies like Bayer, BASF, Adipogen and Unilever was our motivation to try harder every day providing an excellent service online and to create a software suite for in-house use, our Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Knowledge Suite, today used by hundreds of customers.

“Where will we be in ten years from now? I think the next leap is greater than the last one. Science and technology growth is exponential, last but not least also through our small contribution in intelligent semantic software development. I expect systems that can answer more complex questions in biomedicine through the integration of text and data mining. Today our systems mostly rely on text analysis since structured data is only partly available. But the trend is set: data are the base for the written publication and give valuable insight and allow to draw conclusions in much better ways. An exciting road to go!” so Dr. Michael R. Alvers, CEO of Transinsight.

Congratulations to our team! Thanks for excellent work over the past ten years. Thanks to all our valued customers for believing in a small startup in the early years of semantics. You made it possible! Let’s move on.

Quelle: Pressemitteilung der Transinsight GmbH vom 19.11.2015