c-LEcta’s Production Facilities are Certified Kosher and Halal Now


After accomplishing several successful projects with global players from the food industry, the upcoming international market launch of the corresponding food ingredients required an update of c-LEcta’s already advanced regulatory status to serve the demands of the industry.

Thus, c-LEcta’s facilities (by now officially approved for the production of food enzymes, food ingredients and food) were further inspected with regard to kosher and halal compatibility.

c-LEcta’s understanding and implementation of high-quality standards required for the food industry satisfied the auditors who certified the kosher and halal compliance right at the first time.

“Even though we already had many successful audits, the kosher and halal certification was a new experience. We had, for example, to consider details on the process and the raw material that surpass common food requirements”, Dr. Arnd Knoll, Head of Production, who is pleased about the positive outcome of the audit, says. “Those certificates are a further incentive to keep our standards at the highest level possible. Thanks to the whole production and quality management team that always does a good job.”

The kosher and halal certification further strengthens c-LEcta’s position as one of the leading companies in the field of food ingredients produced by biotechnological means.

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Source: News by c-LEcta gmbH from 6th March, 2018