c-LEcta presented its Bacillus Expression Platform at WCIB 2018

This year’s BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology took place in Philadelphia. Over 1,000 global business leaders, investors and policy makers attended and made the well-organized event a great success.

The comprehensive speaker’s program gave exciting insights to new technologies and upcoming trends. Dr. Andreas Buthe, c-LEcta’s Head of Innovation, presented the company’s Bacillus expression platform as highly efficient system for the production of high-end enzymes being used in the food industry.

Even though Bacillus has proven as an outstandingly effective natural producer of industrial enzymes, it is absolutely underrepresented in the production of recombinant, engineered enzymes. This “biotechnological oxymoron” is mainly due to the lack of sophisticated molecular tools and methods for the genetic modification as well as to a lack of experience for the productive large-scale handling of Bacillus keeping researchers away from using Bacillus.

However, these shortcomings have been overcome by c-LEcta’s enzyme production specialists, who established a Bacillus platform enabling the construction of customized strains for versatile applications. While those strains are already conditioned to reach outstandingly high product titers and also do allow production processes without the use of any antibiotics, c-LEcta’s elaborated molecular tool box can be applied to easily introduce further genomic modifications. The high safety level of the strains together with its broad regulatory compliance, qualifies c-LEcta’s Bacillus platform for the production of enzymes being applied in processes of the food and pharma industry.