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Seamless Therapeutics is a Dresden, Germany-based gene editing company developing programmable site-specific recombinases to transform the treatment of severe diseases.

The company was founded around ground-breaking discoveries from the laboratory of Prof. Frank Buchholz at the TU Dresden, which allow the reprogramming of site-specific recombinases to any given target site in the human genome.

Recombinases are a highly versatile class of enzymes that have been widely used in scientific research for decades to precisely modify the genome of model organisms but until now they have had limited applicability as a therapeutic due to their inability to act on new target sites.

Seamless Therapeutics unlocks the full potential of recombinases and is building a pipeline of disease-modifying product candidates across a broad spectrum of indications to expand the therapeutic potential of gene editing.

In 2023 Seamless Therapeutics launched with $12.5 million in Seed Financing from Wellington Partners, Forbion and public funding from BMBF GO-Bio.

Field of activity

  • Gene editing
  • Biotechnology
  • Therapeutics

Partner / Cooperations

  • Wellington Partners
  • Forbion
  • BMBF GO-Bio
  • TU Dresden


  • Site-specific designer recombinases

Product/ Service

  • Recombinase-based therapeutics

Unique selling points

  • Site-specific designer recombinases have superior features that are important for genomic medicines: precision (predictable gene modification outcome), efficiency and breadth (activity independent of cell type and cellular processes), versatility (allow modifications of small and large DNA fragments and loss or gain of function disorders), programmability (quick adaptation to novel targets), delivery (one component small in size) and usability (clear IP situation)


  • 12.5 million Seed Financing

Memberships in networks / associations

  • BMBF GO-Bio

Wir suchen

  •  accelerate the development of Recombinase-based therapeutics


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