biosaxony launches Section Medical Technology

To improve support for Saxony’s medical technology sector, biosaxony has teamed up with representatives from industry and research to establish the Section Medical Technology.

To improve support for Saxony’s medical technology sector, biosaxony has teamed up with representatives from industry and research to establish the Section Medical Technology.

Dresden, July 8, 2016  biosaxony is building on the Medical Technology Action Plan funded by the BMWi Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy by setting up a Section Medical Technology within the biosaxony network. The project has received a grant from the Free State of Saxony under the program Joint Task ‘Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure’.

Although there are more than 150 companies working wholly or at least partly in medical technology in the region of Saxony, they have not previously had a joint organizational structure. The new Section Medical Technology operating under the umbrella of biosaxony e.V. is the first step towards an industry-supported medical technology network. By expanding its activities to include the medical technology sector, biosaxony is optimizing its support for the life sciences in Saxony.

Interdisciplinary exchange forges economic opportunities. By allowing new areas of innovation to be identified, linking up biotechnology and medical technology is a move set to lastingly strengthen both sectors. A strong Saxon life sciences federation will raise the two industries’ profile and deliver focused support to its stakeholders. Moreover, the Section Medical Technology’s independent corporate identity will result in a joint, recognizable brand.

To give members the best possible support, their requirements and aims need to be ascertained so that activities can be planned accordingly. Therefore, this two-year project is starting with an analysis of the medical technology industry in Saxony. A survey already underway will provide information about the members’ interests, enabling the Section Medical Technology to directly address their suggestions and aspirations.

A Steering Committee has been set up consisting of members from industry and science who agreed to take part back in the application phase. It is chaired by Uwe Seidel, CEO of XotonicsMED GmbH from Treuen in the Vogtland district. The Steering Committee first met with Dr. Madlen Schiller, the Project Manager representing biosaxony, on June 28, 2016. As well as discussing general matters, initial activities were agreed at the meeting, such as the workshop ‘Energy Efficiency in Cleanrooms’ scheduled for October 25, 2016 in Dresden. In addition, the first Saxon Medical Technicians’ Conference for all those wishing to contribute their ideas regarding the development of medical technology in Saxony was arranged for December.

If you, too, are interested in working in the Section Medical Technology, please get in touch with us as soon as possible!

Dr. Madlen Schiller – biosaxony e.V.

Project Manager

Tel: + 49 351 796 5602

Uwe Seidel – XotonicsMED GmbH (Dipl.-Ing.)

Deputy Chair of biosaxony e.V.

Sektionsleiter Medizintechnik

Tel: +49 37468 76470

This project is kindly supported by the Free State of Saxony with funding from the Joint Task ‘Improvement of Regional Economic Structure’.


biosaxony is the Saxon federation of the biotechnology and life sciences industry. Its members represent the various life sciences companies, scientific institutions and stakeholders in Saxony. The cluster’s aims include initiating collaborative projects between industry and research, brokering services and know-how, leveraging synergies to develop the sector, and representing regional expertise. The cluster comprises the registered association biosaxony e.V. and biosaxony Management GmbH.