The Dresden October is characterized by technology transfer in the high-tech sectors

bionection und Innovationswerkstatt Kapital locken hochkarätige Gäste aus aller Welt

bionection and Innovationswerkstatt Kapital attract high-carat guests from all over the world

Dresden, 15. July "Action speaks louder than words." Once said the Dresden children´s book author Erich Kästner in his novel Fabian. But nowadays it isn´t enough, that the brightest minds have innovative ideas. They also have to be developed in market-ready products and brought to market.  They need capital and visibility to encourage additional bright minds about their ideas. This October the bionection and the Innovationswerkstatt Kapital support in this case – two events with the focus on searching for development partners and investors in the high-technologies.

Technology transfer describes the way of an idea into economy. This process can´t be done alone especially not in the high-technology like biotechnology. The complex interrelations in living organisms require a bundling of competences of academic research and technology companies. Therefore it´s necessary to develop synergetic partnerships in research, so that for example a therapeutic for certain cancers reach the patient as fast as possible.

The aim of bionection is to initiate these alliances. The best ideas of biotechnological leading research will be presented to an audience of international acting companies on 9. and 10. October. It is no coincidence that at the same time there will be the European conference for business development of BioDeutschland in Dresden.

Whereas the bionection concentrates on early development cooperations, the Innovationswerkstatt Kapital of the HighTech Startbahn Netzwerk e.V. addresses the matching between high-tech companies and investors. From 14. to 15. October the international investor´s conference under the headline INVEST IN THE 40 BEST HIGHTECH VENTURES OF THE EAST follows. Already in 2013 the format proved, that the Central German high-technology has an enormous innovation potential. Excellently educated and skilled specialists, innovative research institutions and motivated entrepreneurs are working on key technologies.

In that Match-Making-Event 40 selected capital seeking high-tech companies from East Germany present their case to over 60 international and national investors. These are not only founding projects and start-ups. Also innovative growth companies will have the opportunity to convince the investors oft her business modell.

With the technology transfer event and the investor´s conference the organizers biosaxony e.V. and HighTech Startbahn Netzwerk e.V. achieved a close collaboration in supporting the high-technologies. That´s why technology companies and investors should block their calendar in the first half of October for "Dresden".

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