Release of Customer Reference with Flagship Ventures: Lipid analysis for early stages of drug discovery

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About the project
Lipotype performed lipid analysis for Flagship VentureLabs with the aim to better understand molecular compositions of chondrisomes, pharmaceutically active derivatives of mitochondria. The research of Flagship VentureLabs is on novel ways of preparation of chondrisomes that have beneficial structural characteristics, yield, concentration, stability, viability, integrity, or function. The lipidomic results facilitated the characterization of isolated chondrisomes in order to evaluate their quality and subsequently were used to file a recently published patent application. 

Methods and Compositions of Chondrisomes – United States Patent Application 20170151287, 2017
G A Von Maltzahn, J M Milwid, M Mee, J R Rubens, D Chess, K Trudeau, K Mahdaviani, J Feala

Source: Press Release by Lipotype GmbH from September 13, 2017