EU Approval and Production of c-LEcta’s Trehalose Brand TreXaloseTM


For its new product TreXaloseTM c-LEcta has reached two important milestones: For the market introduction in Europe the substantial equivalence of c-LEcta’s TreXaloseTM to the existing commercial product was confirmed by the European authorities according to regulation EC no. 258/97 (now replaced by EC no. 2015/2283). Furthermore, a production campaign in c-LEcta’s food-compliant pilot-scale production facility was successfully conducted and has yielded several hundred- kilograms of product. The product TreXalose™ is therefore now available for application testing at customers and distribution partners.

TreXaloseTM is the brand name for c-LEcta’s Trehalose for which a highly competitive and patent-pending biotechnological manufacturing process was developed. On the way to the market introduction c-LEcta is currently evaluating options for the implementation of Trehalose production in large industrial scale in third-party facilities.

Trehalose is a naturally occurring disaccharide with a pleasant sweetness. Moreover, due to its unique structure it is one of the best cryoprotectants and osmolytes known, as well as having a high heat and acid stability. Consequently, it is used in a wide variety of food products, e.g. (frozen) food, confectionery, baked products and beverages.

“Only a few food ingredients have so many beneficial characteristics and can be used in so many applications”, Dr. Marc Struhalla, c-LEcta’s CEO, emphasizes. “Combined with our highly competitive production process, we see very good market potentials for our new product TreXaloseTM”.