denovoMATRIX launches new enabling technology for high-quality induced pluripotent stem cell culture

DRESDEN, Germany, Mar. 22, 2021 /Bioinformant/ -- denovoMATRIX GmbH, a developer of technologies which enable high quality stem cell expansion, announced the launch of a new range of products for the expansion, banking and maintenance of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). The product line, termed myMATRIX iPSC, are chemically defined, ready-to-use consumables, designed to simplify and accelerate iPSC culture.

Due to their high capacity for differentiation and broad application of uses, human iPSC offers exciting opportunities for cell-based therapies. The major challenge faced by cell therapy developers lies in the manufacturing of iPSCs, and particularly in the standardization of high-quality reagents & materials which contribute to process variability. Technologies which streamline the work with iPSC, and provide robust product quality, are therefore central to reducing process variability.

''The launch of myMATRIX iPSC validates the breadth of denovoMATRIX technology, and the range of applications which can be addressed using our unique approach" commented Dr. Dejan Husman, CEO of denovoMATRIX. Co-founder Dr. Richard Wetzei explained: "The importance of iPSC in cell therapies, and the need for chemically defined, scalable, expansion methods is clear for the industry. We believe the key next step is providing cell therapy developers with tools which simplify and accelerate their processes, which is why we have created the myMATRIX iPSC."

The myMATRIX iPSC is tailored to preserve the sensitive nature of human iPSCs in vitro. lt maintains the pluripotent stem cell state and the genetic fidelity of human iPSCs over long­ term culture. lt is therefore ideally suited for the development of animal-free, high performance and reproducible cell culture protocols for stem cell research, drug development and cell therapy applications.

Read the whitepaper on myMATRIX iPSC, including detailed expansion analysis here .

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denovoMATRIX is an extracellular matrix engineering company that enables the acceleration of cell-based therapies and development in stem cell research. The company leverages chemical synthesis, stem cell biology and design thinking to build a platform of biomaterials which address major life science challenges. By providing both cell-based therapy companies and translational researchers with solutions, denovoMATRIX is at the forefront of innovation in biomaterials.

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