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PRAXISforum Enzymes for Industrial Applications

Datum & Uhrzeit

Dauer2 Tage


AnschriftTheodor-Heuss-Allee 25
Stadt60486 Frankfurt, Deutschland


NameFrau Chereen SemrauDECHEMA e.V.

The 4th DECHEMA-PRAXISforum “Enzymes for Industrial Applications” offers industry professionals a platform to discuss the latest developments in enzyme technology and biocatalysis. It is your chance to meet solution providers, key customers and users of enzymes and learn about new products, services and process and production technologies.

Enzymes have become an established part of industrial processes – either in the chemical, food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical industry. Innovative methods for the improvement of enzyme expression, the development of new productions strains, and bioprocess optimization decrease the costs for enzyme production.Synthetic particles, enzyme immobilization and compartmentalization enable recovery of the biocatalyst and help to improve economic viability. And a deeper understanding of structure and protein-protein interaction allow for the targeted engineering of enzymes that are tailored to the desired application.

Join the PRAXISforum to discuss all aspects of industrial enzymes: Enzyme design, process development, enzyme production as well as best practices from the industry.

Enzymes are part of consumer products such as detergents or cosmetics, but also play a major role in biorefinery concepts and the valorisation of biomass. Meet experts from different sectors, exchange ideas and compare lessons learned.

  • By industry, for industry – PRAXISforum reveals market opportunities and promotes development of new enzymes, production processes and application areas.
  • Networking platform – PRAXISforum brings together international market leaders, high profile end-users and experts from all relevant industries
  • High-level speakers – Best Practices presentations and lessons learned from speakers at decision maker level. Technological background is presented along with information relevant to end users.
  • Relevance to applications – PRAXISforum provides participants with an overview of innovations for their highly specific requirements in everyday practice