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Potsdam Science Park Academy: Enabling Effective Data Management for Companies

Datum & Uhrzeit

Dauer1 Stunde


StadtPostdam, Germany


NameFrau Melanie BergCollaborative Drug Discovery, Inc

Effective data management is crucial for the success of startup biotechs, which often have limited resources and need to optimize their R&D operations. Digitalizing R&D operations offers several benefits, including streamlined data management and collaboration, and gaining data-driven insights.

Digitalizing R&D operations also saves costs by reducing the expenditure associated with paper-based documentation, duplicated experiments and repetitive writing.

In this presentation, we will consider:

·      How to select the right platform for your organization

·      How to calculate the Return on Investment of your digitalization efforts

·      How to present the benefits of a centralised data management platform to your management

·      How to promote the adoption of the technology by the team

In conclusion, we will discuss the benefits of centralized, hosted platforms for data management in Biotech R&D teams, including easy collaboration, data security, compliance, scalability, customization, and the preservation of IP.

These platforms enable teams to manage their data effectively, streamline the R&D process, and rapidly prepare dossiers for investors, ultimately leading to more efficient and successful R&D activities.