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Online-Seminar: Optimizing Healthcare in Clinical Trials Through Strategic Partnership

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Explore the value of home visits in clinical trials, how it works and how to maximise the impact on the patient via home IMP administration

Patient recruitment and retention remain the two biggest challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies when conducting a clinical trial. For a patient, participation in a clinical trial can be stressful and burdensome, resulting in one in four patients dropping out of a clinical trial prior to completion. Investigator sites also face patient education and staff resourcing issues which result in 30% of sites recruiting one or less patients. With sponsors facing tight-timelines and regulatory challenges, the added costs of patient recruitment and retention issues can prove onerous. The complexity of clinical trials and the trend to more specific patient profile leads to increasing difficulties finding treatment for naive patients. This is making recruitment harder and necessitates an evolution of the model to address this challenge.

Patient education and patient-centric approaches to clinical trials are therefore now more important than ever. Taking the clinical trial to the patient's home through trained medical personnel and direct-to-patient drug delivery, minimizes inconvenience to patients and thereby allowing for a smoother trial with fewer disruptions, increasing value and effectiveness to clinical studies globally.

An innovative new partnership by the Medical Research Network (MRN) and World Courier, an AmerisourceBergen Company, seeks to address these issues combining MRN's expertise as an innovator in at-home clinical trials and World Courier's standing as the world leader in specialty logistics. In this online seminar Sam Herbert COO at World Courier and Dr. Graham Wylie CEO of MRN will look at how the combined model allows sponsor companies to gain a competitive advantage using many years of experience across both companies. They will address the reasoning behind this strategic partnership, what benefits it allows to sponsors for study planning and execution, and how the future of healthcare may be to embrace a community based approach.

Join us to explore how integration of services may be the key to improving patient experience and moving medicine forwards.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the implications of patient recruitment and retention issues.
  • Hear about the value of an integrated solution and how quality and compliance are improved and competitive advantage can be gained.
  • Discover how home trial visits increase retention and enrolment. Find methods to maximise home visits.
  • Uncover the impact a patient-centric approach can have on trials and patients.