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Meet In Italy for Life Sciences 2016

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Dauer3 Tage


NameSalone delle Fontane
AnschriftVia Ciro il Grande
Stadt00144 Rom, Italien


NameGaia Scalvedi
Telefon+39 06 80368264

This FREE event is focused on all the life sciences sectors: biotechnology, pharmaceutics, medical devices, human health, ICT applications for health, nutraceutics, and the related value chain activities.

The last edition numbers: 1400 meetings, 300 participants (23% from outside Italy) 25 countries involved, more than 60000 profile views). All the 2014 edition numbers were doubled, with more than 60% meetings with chances of further contact or collaborations (https://www.b2match.eu/mit4ls2016/pages/milan-mit4ls2015).

The event offers the chance of visibility and opportunities for FREE!

More than 170 participants from 25 countries have already registered to the event and are growing every day!

Registration to the event has only advantages:

  • free, open showcase for your organization: more than 60000 profile views for the 2015 edition profiles, still growing. Once validated, your profile stays online for more than a year after the end of the event, even if you have no meetings after the booking phase. 
  • unique opportunity to find partners for business development, licensing agreements, joint ventures, research collaboration, European projects, investments, get known in the 2 days matchmaking event (26-27 October)
  • support by several industrial associations and organisations working in the life sciences sector, and their number is still growing. MIT4LS profile information are key resources for those organisations to better support  companies and researchers in catching business and collaboration opportunities.  
  • Fast-growing participation: in just two editions numbers are doubled: from 150 participants, 650 meeting, 14 countries, 20500 profile views in 2014 to 300 participants, 25 countries, more than 60000 profile views, with very good feedbacks and follow up after meetings. 92% participants stated they will participate again after 2015 edition
  • registration is very easy and quick, few minutes needed, and all the data can be updated any time before the booking phase begins.
  • conference on hot topics in life science with national and international speakers (28 October)
  • Startup on Stage: training Bootcamp selection for startups (25-26th Oct), with a final pitch to an audience of investors and experts in the field. Apply before 31st August-.

All the details here: https://www.b2match.eu/mit4ls2016/pages/14298-bootcamp-startuponstage

The event is promoted and supported by several organisations from all Europe still growing (https://www.b2match.eu/mit4ls2016/pages/11837-organisers), the main organisers being the main life sciences actors in Italy:

Regione Lazio, Lazio Innova, Bic Lazio, Unindustria, Cluster Chico, Distretto Bioscienze del Lazio, Enterprise Europe Network (several partners), Tuscany Life Sciences Cluster, Confindustria Toscana, Assobiomedica, Cluster Lombardo Scienze della Vita, bioPmed–Bioindustry Park, Aster, Consorzio Biomedicina Molecolare, Campania Bioscience, Assobiotec, Cluster Nazionale Alisei, Progetto Twist, Italian Trade Agency, ItaliaCamp.

For questions and further information, don't hesitate to contact the MIT4LS2016 organisation team : http://www.b2match.eu/mit4ls2016/pages/contact