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Gateone Online Seminar "Precision Medecine"

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NameGateone Project

Discover smart solutions to reach the right medicine to the right patient at the right time – June 12th at 1pm CEST

This online seminar will be dedicated to present and discuss innovative technologies expected by the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare system to develop new businesses and address societal challenges Europe is facing.

European population is ageing rapidly and chronic diseases are burdening the European healthcare system driving up health care costs. Point of Care solutions, personalized medicine, patient monitoring, home testing are trends in the medical fields expected to support the necessary evolution of healthcare systems. Precision medicine is indeed emerging. It can be defined as tailored treatment programs designed to maximise beneficial health outcomes and reduce the non-adherence with prescribed medicines.

The evolution of the health industry represents a real business opportunity for European SMEs ready to invest in smart technologies. The gateone-project will support European SMEs to test innovative technologies through our free demonstrators evaluation program.

Program of gateone-project online seminar:

  1.  Trends and needs in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare systems by IMI “Innovative Medicines Initiative”
  2. Available solutions to be tested under gateone-project free evaluation program
    • – New R&D approach for biomarkers identification
    • – Accurate and precise administration of drugs
    • – Specific focus on diagnostics, sensors and imaging technologies
  3. Review of main regulatory challenges to consider all along product development
  4. Beyond gateone-project: collaborative projects opportunities to support innovation for European SMEs by IMI “Innovative Medicines Initiative”


Régis HAMELIN – CTO BLUMORPHO, gateone-project scientific coordinator
Colm CARROLL – Innovative Medicines Initiative, Scientific Project Manager

"The revolution in mobile communication, diagnostics and advanced sensor technology undoubtedly has a role to play and will enable provision of a highly customised intervention for individual patients. (source: Innovative Medical Initiative Strategic Digital Agenda)"