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Dauer4 Tage


NameScandic Hotel Copenhagen
AnschriftVester Søgade 6
StadtCopenhagen, Denmark


NameFrau Nina WeingärtnerDECHEMA e.V.
Telefon+49 (0)69 7564-125

The competitiveness of all processing industries – from (petro)-chemicals over pharmaceuticals to foods & feeds - greatly depends on its ability to deliver consistent, high-quality and high-value products at competitive prices, in a sustainable way.

Data, Data Analytics and Process Analytical Technology are becoming the cornerstones for any global, competitive industry, and process analytical techniques are an essential tool in this future. With this in mind EuroPACT 2023 focusses on featuring innovation along the following three pillars:

  1. Process Analytics in Real-World Application
  2. From Data to Process Insight, Control and Optimization
  3. Novel PAT and Instrumental Technologies

The three pillars will be complemented by a special focus on PACT for energy efficiency and circular economy applications. The conference will be completed by an exhibition of instrumentation, applications and data evaluation tools.

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