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BIOTEC Forum 2014 “Biomechanics across scales – molecules, cells, tissues”

Datum & Uhrzeit

Dauer2 Tage


Stadt01307 Dresden, Deutschland


NameProf Dr Jochen Guck
Telefon+49 (0)351 463 40330

The BIOTEC Forum 2014 brings together international and local experts in the areas of biomechanics, biophysics, cell and developmental biology. The focus will be on biomechanical processes that are at work on different scales. The goal is to present current developments in this area and to identify commonalities and differences of biomechanical processes independent of scale. Specific topics covered include molecular force generation, the cytoskeleton, cell mechanics, mechanonsensitivity and tissue mechanics - a spectrum that also reflects the expertise of biomechanics research in Dresden.

The meeting will take place at the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD). Attendance is free of charge. However, to help us organise, please register until November 20, 2014 via the conference website (see link below). We, herein, also like to invite you to submit an abstract for the Poster Session (again, via the conference website, see link above). Posters should present scientific work related to the topic of the BIOTEC Forum and it is planned to upgrade a small number of poster submissions to short talks.

Conference venue
Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD)
Fetscherstrasse 105
01307 Dresden