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BioLinX Online Brokerage Event

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NameHerr Dr. Andreas ScribaDECHEMA e.V.
Telefon+49 (0) 69-7564-124

Get support for the commercialization of your innovative ideas and products

Doing business means finding the right partners. BioLinX online brokerage is an innovation exchange and a partnering platform serving academia, SMEs and large companies. If you wish to learn about exciting inventions or to present your projects to potential R&D cooperation partners, BioLinX will connect you with right people from the global bio-economy community.


» Upload your cooperation offer on the partnering platform.
» Present your business ideas in online meetings and live presentations to business developers,
   technology scouts and potential investors.


» Learn about the latest developments in the laboratories of leading universities, research centres and SMEs.
» Find interesting offers and their innovators, contact them and let BioLinX automatically schedule your online meetings.


REGISTER for free or LOG-IN to benefit from the BioLinX online brokerage event.


BioLinX brokerage: Matchmaking made easy

BioLinX partnering provides participants with an opportunity to selectively arrange meetings prior to the event. On the basis of offers / requests for technologies, processes, products and financing, it is easy to identify, contact and invite potential cooperation and business partners to an online meeting. All you need to take part in an online meeting is a telephone and fast web access.
The following steps are necessary for participation in the BioLinX brokerage event:

1.    Register for the BioLinX brokerage event.
2.    Describe your company / organisation, offers and requests.
3.    Specify times when you are available for meetings.
4.    Use the BioLinX search engine to identify suitable meeting partners.
5.    Meeting requests can be sent 4 weeks in advance of the event.
       Receive requests for a meeting from other participants.
       Accept or decline requests for meetings by just clicking on a button in your incoming e-mails.
6.    Once an appointment has been automatically confirmed, the BioLinX Alert function instantly informs
       meeting partners of the meeting time.
7.    For online meetings: BioLinX sends the two participants a clear link.
       At the scheduled time they click on the link and are transferred to an ssl-secure meeting room.
       The meeting partners can share content in the online meeting room for a specified time (20 minutes)
       and communicate with one another via telephone conference.
       Alternatively they can meet in a telephone or Skype conference.

Advantages of online partnering
1.    Saves time and costs.
2.    Is location-independent, eliminates unnecessary business trips.
3.    The online partnering format enables experts from all over Europe to participate.
4.    A critical mass of participants is reached much quicker than with pure on-site events.
5.    Makes it quick and simple to pinpoint offers and requests.

Do you have questions or do you want to get more information?

Just contact Andreas Scriba (scriba@dechema.de, phone: +49 (0) 69-7564-124).
He will be pleased to be of assistance.