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8th Berlin Conference on IP in Life Sciences - Natural Products

Datum & Uhrzeit



AnschriftEmbassy of South Africa, Tiergartenstraße
Stadt10785 Berlin, Deutschland


NameUta Holmer
Telefon+49-30-26 49 21 53

The "8th Berlin Conference on IP in Life Sciences - Natural Products" will take place on 27th February, 2015 at the South African Embassy in Berlin, Germany. Sequences and structures from nature are an important source for pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, cosmetics and other functional admixtures. However, this area faces huge changes through the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol. These regulations give access and benefit, which share a new legal framework.

The conference agenda covers:
– Markets: Application & Business Potential
– Politics: Implications of the Nagoya Protocol
– Patents: Major Cases and Outlook
– Research: Access and Alliances

This BIOCOM conference is designed to illustrate the large potential of natural compounds in all their forms. In addition, it will present the latest information on new regulations concerning the use and the patenting of substances based on nature's gifts.

Event location: Embassy of South Africa, Tiergartenstraße 18 10785 Berlin Germany