Absolute Antibody entwickelt Antikörper der nächsten Generation für die biomedizinische Forschung und Diagnostik

Absolute Antibody ist ein privat gefördertes Startup-Unternehmen, das sich auf Antikörpersequenzierung sowie die Herstellung von rekombinanten und modifizierten Antikörpern für die Forschung und Diagnostik spezialisiert hat.

The company’s core aim is to provide engineered antibodies for all

Absolute Antibody Ltd. is a privately funded startup company developing engineered antibodies for the research and diagnostics markets. The company has developed a proprietary manufacturing platform based on transient transfection for the recombinant production of sequenced and engineered antibodies, AbsoluteAbs (AbAbs).The manufacture of AbAbs is fast, inexpensive and animal-free, with 100s of mgs produced within two weeks, versus up to three months required by traditional methods, enabling Absolute Antibody to offer vastly reduced time from order to delivery.

Absolute Antibody‘s main fields of activities are

  • Recombinant Antibody Production
  • Antibody Engineering
  • Antibody Reformatting
  • Hyridoma Sequencing
  • Antibody Expression.

Antibody sequencing, engineering and expression services are offered as custom services but the company is also developing a catalog of recombinant antibodies. They provide a number of benefits over antibodies produced using traditional methods, including ultra-low batch-to-batch variability leading to improved reproducibility of results, and the ability to eliminate undesirable properties or add desirable features. For example, the binding potential for complement and Fc receptors can be eliminated to minimise background staining and provide cleaner results, while desirable features such as tags for detection and purification can be built into the AbAbs.

The core technologies and expertise

  • Hybridoma Sequencing
  • Rapid antibody isotype refomatting platform
  • Animal-free, ultra-pure serum-free protein expression, and
  • Proprietary high-yield transient transfection platform 

Their production methods allow Absolute Antibody to be one-of-a-kind:

The company manufactures antibodies on an entirely recombinant platform, bringing technology previously only available to big Pharma within reach of academic researchers and smaller businesses.

All their antibodies are extremely pure (>98% with <1 EU/mg endotoxin) and offer ultra-low batch-to-batch variability. Absolute Antibody is developing a catalogue of antibodies but is always keen to take on custom challenges with customers and have an excellent track-record in providing antibody engineering and expression solutions.

Absolute Antibody provides customers with:

  • Ultra-pure recombinant antibodies in diverse species and istypes
  • Custom formats e.g. Fc-Silent, AbFab2
  • Fc-Fusion proteins
  • Antibody reformatting
  • Hybridoma Sequencing
  • Antibody production from microgram to gram quantities
  • Bioinformatic identification of antibody sequences from new host species 

Absolute Antibody was founded in 2012 and currently employs 10 staff members. It is a privately funded startup company which also receives some government technology development funding. The British life sciences company is a member of:

  • Oxford Biotechnology Network
  • Pivotal Scientific Ltd. (PSL)-Alliance
  • North East of England Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC), and
  • biosaxony e. V.

For questions and further information please contact:
Dr. Michael Fiebig (ext 102)
Tel +44 (0) 1865 920810 (ext 102)
Fax +44 (0) 1865 920811

Absolute Antibody Ltd.
Oxford Centre for Innovation
New Road
OX1 1BY, Oxford
United Kingdom


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