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We want to enable our network to keep abreast of all developments and areas of the biotech industry and to actively develop its knowledge. We therefore organize regular seminars and interactive workshops on relevant topics.

So far, we have already conducted successful events on subjects such as cleanrooms, project management, marketing and sales, and genetic engineering.

Members who attend are granted discounts.

Why not write and let us know which topics you think biosaxony should deal with?!

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Vicky Tröger

Vicky Tröger
biosaxony academy
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Biotechnology for Newcomers

Do you work in management, marketing or other commercial areas in a predominantly science-based company? Would you like to learn about the basic principles and procedures applied in biotechnology? If so, attend our workshop in order to do so. During the two-day workshop "Biotechnology for Non-Biotechnologists", you’ll find out about the theoretical principles, how they’re used in everyday life, and the methods employed in practical biotechnology.

Ways of reimbursing of medtech products

EU Project Funding for SMEs

At this workshop, speakers from NCP Bioeconomy and NCP SME will be addressing the following topics:

  • Overview of Horizon 2020
  • Requirements and participation opportunities for SMEs
  • Eurostars, iraSME
  • Tips for successful applications


Introduction to Horizon 2020 // Current and future calls for life science tenders // Involvement of Saxon development investments
Speaker: Dr. Alexandros Theodoridis (NCP Life Sciences, lead partner Jülich)

Funding for SMEs in H2020
Speaker: Nicole Schröder (NCP SME, lead partner DLR – German Aerospace Center)

3.30–3.50 Coffee break

“From Practice for Practice – Tips for writing successful applications” (including introduction to secondary programs such as Eurostars and iraSME)
Speaker: Dr. Katharina Sabellek (Eurogrant GmbH)

Personal experience of SME funding
Speaker: Dr. Cindy Baumann (SelfD GmbH)

Followed by: Get-Together // Time for questions and personal advice

Attendance is limited.
If you would like to attend, please use the online registration form. Deadline for applications: August 28, 2017.

The number of participants is limited. Applications will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis.

Attendance of the workshop is free. However, an administrative/organizational fee of €15 net per person will be charged for unexcused non-attendance. To cancel your attendance free of charge up to 24 hours before the workshop starts, please write to

Developing Project Management Skills

biosaxony is teaming up with RKW Sachsen GmbH to organize a two-day workshop on project management for participants with advanced knowledge.

Project management is an important control tool in everyday corporate business as well as in the planning and control of development projects. It helps achieve project objectives on time and budget while ensuring that the goals regarding quality, scope, benefits and risk minimization are all met. This compact training course is designed for project staff and project managers who are keen to learn more about the main PM tools and to practice on project examples. The course is suitable for companies and participants of the basic course.

Workshop syllabus:

  • Projects and project management
  • Project start
  • Project goals
  • Project environment and stakeholders
  • Risks
  • Phase planning
  • Project structuring
  • Project organization
  • Scheduling
  • Resource planning
  • Cost planning
  • Project control and monitoring
  • Changes and claims
  • Project completion

The workshop will be taught by Lutz Voigtmann and participants will receive a copy of his book “Projekte – praktisch & professionell. Projektmanagement nach ICB 3.0” (“Projects – Practical & Professional. Project management according to ICB 3.0”). Limited to 12 participants.

Successful Negotiation

In most companies, the seller plays a key role in their success. Successful selling means not just increasing revenue, but also improving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty as well as growing the customer base. The seminar takes into account participants’ individual styles of communication and personalities and supports them with proven techniques in order to boost their success. Attention will be paid to the treatment of objections and pretexts as well as to various closing techniques. Video examples illustrate typical situations during sales meetings and help participants read body language. Sales techniques are practiced in meeting situations taking into consideration the typical arguments used by various customer groups. The workshop will also examine relationship management and the role of the seller’s personality. If participants agree, practice sales meetings will be recorded on video and evaluated. (The video recordings will then be deleted.)

OBJECTIVES: To teach negotiating and sales techniques and practice meetings with customers, business partners and investors.

TARGET GROUP: Sales staff, customer-facing employees

PARTICIPANTS: At least 10, no more than 12

CE Marking and Financing of Medtech Products

Founders and entrepreneurs working in medical technology need to take many external and internal factors into account when establishing a business and launching new products. What regulatory requirements have to be met by companies in connection with CE Marking? And how can the imminent important changes to EU regulations for medical products be already taken into account?

These and other questions will be addressed during the biosaxony workshop CE Marking and Financing of Medtech Products. Join us in Leipzig at 9am on April 3, 2017 as we examine these issues.

For more details, download the flyer (pdf) HERE. If you would like to attend, please use the online registration form.

You will be issued with a certificate of attendance for this fee-paying workshop.

Dr. Madlen Schiller ( will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

"Current Aspects of Cleanroom Technology" (Symposium)

The symposium will deliver an overview of the latest developments in cleanroom technology. It will focus on modular systems, aspects of energy efficiency and the maintenance of cleanroom systems.

Apart from cleanroom systems, individual cleanroom cabins also represent a quick, cost-effective solution.

Similar to a modular system, clean rooms are custom-made. Axel Tesch from WISAG will be explaining the diverse possibilities of modular systems.

Ditmar Lauter from Energy Saxony will talk about the energy-efficient operation of cleanroom systems. What are the energy weak points in cleanroom technology – and how can energy consumption and costs be reduced? One key building module in meeting cleanroom parameters and hence securing your manufacturing permit is the interplay of professional maintenance and the requalification of cleanrooms.

Falk Becker from WISAG will show you how exactly this process can be optimized – from maintenance work on your ventilation systems, lock controls and cleanroom doors to cleanroom measurements and adjusting the sensors of the monitoring system.

We will also examine how the costs of these services can be cut, and how downtime can be minimized by carrying out activities simultaneously and planning them early on.

Internal Communication & Self-Management

Communication with your employees and your personal leadership style form the foundations for your self-management. Or is it vice versa? Communication, leadership and self-management are an integral unit in any executive. This leadership triangle demands regular reflection. Viewed realistically, this takes place over an extended period. Consequently, this crash course can "only" address the basics and, together with the participants, draw up the basic principles of leadership and then explore questions of communication with employees and self-management by means of an interactive approach.

The course will help participants define their own management triangle and provide new stimulus for their team.

Contract Law: Drafting Cooperation Agreements (Seminar)

If you want to work successfully, you need partners. Sometimes you’re looking for long-term collaborators, sometimes you need partners for a single project, and often you just need an individual service.

If any type of cooperation is to succeed, however, ensuring that the objectives, rights and obligations have been defined is crucial. Numerous legal arrangements can be used such as service contracts, work contracts and binding cooperation agreements, not to mention the various corporate forms available. They all have different possibilities – and also different legal and tax consequences. The trick is to choose the most suitable form for each situation.

At this seminar, the various forms of cooperation with business and project partners will be explained along with their advantages and disadvantages. And of course, your questions will be answered.

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