biosaxony – The Biotechnology, Medical Technology & Health Economy Cluster in Saxony

biosaxony is the association of the biotechnology, medical technology and health economy sector in the region of Saxony. Its members represent the various companies, scientific institutions and lobbyists working in biotechnology and medtech and the related areas of engineering and material sciences in Saxony. The network is complemented by representatives from the user side, for example clinics and health insurance companies. The network combines the strengths of all member companies and represents their interests in politics and the public. The cluster's tasks include initiating projects between industry and science, providing services and know-how, and presenting regional competencies in order to support the value-added expansion of these cross-sectional technologies and strengthen the economic region of Saxony. In addition, the promotion of young innovative companies is one of the main concerns of the network.

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27-02-202409:30  -  28-02-202412:00
78532 Tuttlingen
29-02-202410:00  -  11:30
online, Deutschland
29-02-202414:00  -  15:30
04-03-202409:00  -  18:00
04318 Leipzig, Deutschland
08-03-202409:00  -  13:00
01109 Dresden, Deutschland
13-03-202410:00  -  12:00
13-03-202412:45  -  16:00
63069 Offenbach am Main, Deutschland
13-03-202415:00  -  16:00
01187 Dresden Dresden, Germany
14-03-202413:00  -  15:00
Offenbach am Main, Deutschland
14-03-202416:00  -  18:30
01309 Dresden, Deutschland
18-03-2024  -  20-03-2024
01814 Bad Schandau, Germany
19-03-202409:00  -  16:00
Online, Online
19-03-202413:00  -  20-03-202416:00
01277 Dresden, Deutschland
26-03-202408:00  -  27-03-202417:00
00801 Warsaw, Poland
26-03-202408:30  -  27-03-202416:00


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biosaxony is a member of the go-cluster program and has been awarded the Silver Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative. go-cluster Logo