Section Medical Technology

With about 150 companies and numerous research facilities, medical technology has become a major focus of the life sciences in Saxony alongside red biotechnology. Building on the "Medical Technology Action Plan", biosaxony plans to establish a cooperation network for medical technology actors by setting up the Section Medical Technology. To this end, biosaxony has been awarded a two-year grant by the Free State of Saxony with funding from the GRW Joint Task “Improvement of the Regional Economic Infrastructure”.

The activities and the network thrive on your input, so don’t hesitate to give us your proposals and suggestions!

The cooperation with BioRegion STERN Management GmbH launched under the "Medical Technology Action Plan" will be continued and strengthened within the Section Medical Technology.

This project is supported by the Free State of Saxony with funding from the GRW Joint Task "Improvement of the Regional Economic Infrastructure".

Sektion Medizintechnik - Ihr Netzwerk für die Medizintechnik in Sachsen

Head of section

Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Seidel
Deputy Chair
Fon: +49 37468 7647 0


  • Expert session "Smart Health" at 12th Silicon Saxony Day, organized with Fraunhofer ENAS, June 19, 2017 >>More
  • 16th biosaxony Business Breakfast hosted by the Law & Taxes Working Group "Product liability and product liability management" on June 16, 2017 >>Mehr
  • biosaxony General Meeting & Sommer Fair, Get-Together of Biotech & Medtech, on May 30, 2017
  • Workshop "CE Marking and Financing of Medtech Products" on April 3, 2017 >>More
  • Section Meeting, March 20, 2017
  • Event: "Medical Technology in Saxony. A Cross-Section of the Industry", December 7, 2016 >>More
  • Cleanroom Symposium: "Current Aspects of Cleanroom Technology", October 25, 2016 >>More
  • 12th biosaxony Business Breakfast hosted by the Law & Taxes Working Group: "Patenting Innovations in Medical Technology: Scope, Limitations and Consequences", September 23, 2016 >>More
  • Medical Technology Steering Committee founded in June 2016: Its job is to identify the main themes, problems and requirements of the biotech sector and hence set the agenda for the Section Medical Technology. >>More