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A Practical Approach to Utilizing the Open Model Interface (OMI) in Aging Analyses for Long Term Reliability Validation

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Dauer1 Stunde


NameFraunhofer IIS/EAS
StadtDresden, Sachsen


NameFrau Dr. Katja Lohmann-SchwitaleFraunhofer IIS/EAS
Telefon+49 351 4640 726

When designing ICs for automotive, mobile communication, IoT and other applications, long term reliability validation has become an integral step in the verification process. To satisfy their customer’s needs for accurate aging simulations, foundries face the requirement to provide corresponding aging models for accurate simulation of device degradation over time. Siemens EDA's AFS Platform allows to run aging simulations through models enabled by the new CMC industry standard Open Model Interface (OMI). In this presentation, we will discuss aging challenges and benefits of OMI, and the methodology needed to successfully utilize this new standard.