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3rd FORUM Science & Health

Datum & Uhrzeit

Dauer2 Tage


NameVeranstaltungsforum Fuerstenfeld
AnschriftFürstenfeld 12 (navigation system: 82256, Zisterzienserweg)
Stadt82256 Fürstenfeldbruck


OrganisationBioM Biotech Cluster

The theme of this year's conference is the Medicine of the Future.
Within the two-day program the 3rd FORUM Science & Health will highlight latest developments in the fields of innovative technologies and therapeutics, which will have great impact on the way we approach, prevent, diagnose and treat diseases in the future.

At the Forum, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet international experts in an inspiring atmosphere

  • Gain insights into outstanding R&D activities

  • Take part in interactive sessions and discuss current topics

  • Pitch your research ideas and share your expertise

  • Enjoy networking and an entertaining evening event

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