DyNAbind and Galapagos enter framework agreement

DyNAbind GmbH and Galapagos NV, a leading biotech company active in clinical stage drug discovery and development, have entered a framework collaboration agreement for compound screening based on DyNAbind’s proprietary DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) technologies. This new longterm partnership aims at discovering novel drug candidates for various indications, including inflammation and fibrosis.

Michael Thompson, Ph.D, co-founder and CEO of DyNAbind, explains the importance of this deal: “There’s nothing more exciting for us at DyNAbind than using our DEL technologies to help our partners create new medicines, so we’re thrilled about signing this new long-term collaboration with one of the world leaders in drug development. We are very much looking forward to working together with Galapagos’ R&D teams, and to join forces to contribute to their portfolio of clinical-stage first-in-class medicines.”

Financial terms of the collaboration agreement were not disclosed.

About DyNAbind

DyNAbind GmbH is a privately held company based in Dresden, Germany, offering a next-generation platform of DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) technologies for drug discovery and optimization. DyNAbind’s founders have years of experience in developing and working with DEL technologies, which has driven the development of the novel Dynamic Library platform. By specifically tuning a DNA architecture for transient interactions, fragment molecules in the library dynamically self-assemble and rearrange themselves into ideal binding structures, offering dramatically improved signal-to-noise ratios and reduced false positive hit rates. Follow-up quantitative hit validation can begin without the need for hit resynthesis, allowing meaningful results to arrive in days instead of months.

Our entire team at DyNAbind is dedicated to working with our partners to develop and implement the most effective discovery and optimization programs for any drug target. Whether your program is coming from the pharma, biotech or academic sector, we’re motivated to help you find the best path to higher-quality, more relevant medicinal chemistry starting points.

About Galapagos:

Galapagos is a pioneering biotechnology company, aiming to develop innovative medicines to improve patients’ lives. Leveraging our proprietary target discovery engine, we transform drug discovery and develop candidate medicines addressing the root causes of disease. Our deep pipeline currently comprises more than 30 novel inflammation and fibrosis drug candidates. Galapagos and its fee-for-service subsidiary Fidelta operate with over 1,000 employees in Europe and the US. Follow Galapagos on Twitter (@GalapagosGlobal) and LinkedIn (Galapagos), or visit our website at

Quelle: Pressemitteilung der DyNAbind GmbH vom 09.06.2020