c-LEcta provides innovative solutions to the Sugar and Sweetener Industry


The Sweet Tec Conference organized by the ZDS Solingen and attended by representatives of the world’s leading food companies gave valuable insights in new trends in the sugar and sweetener industry. Speakers including c-LEcta’s Head of Innovation, Dr. Andreas Buthe, held interesting talks about the current challenges on the food market: Since the authorities as well as the consumers become more and more aware of the health impact that a high sugar intake could have, sugar reduction is rather an obligation than a niche trend. 

However, due to its unique characteristics in terms of taste as well as of texturizing effects, the development of adequate sugar substitutes is anything but easy. Such lack of alternatives might also be accounted for by the poor accessibility of so called “rare sugars”, even though they are considered to have benefits like for example a low glycemic index, prebiotic effects and a low calorie count. However, c-LEcta’s elaborated technology platform enables the manufacturing of diverse functional sugars and sweeteners and therefore may pave the way to such new food ingredients.

With its food compatible production strains, its competence in regulatory affairs and its pilot scale production facility, officially approved for the manufacturing of food and food ingredients, c-LEcta is a well-established partner for the food industry for realizing projects in the field of novel food enzymes and food ingredients.

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Source: News by c-LEcta gmbH from 14th November, 2017