Section Medical Technology

With about 150 companies and numerous research facilities, medical technology has become a major focus of the life sciences in Saxony alongside red biotechnology. Building on the "Medical Technology Action Plan", biosaxony plans to establish a cooperation network for medical technology actors by setting up the Section Medical Technology. To this end, biosaxony has been awarded a two-year grant by the Free State of Saxony with funding from the GRW Joint Task “Improvement of the Regional Economic Infrastructure”.

DON'T MISS: Smart Health Session on 12th Silicon Saxony Day | June 19-20, 2017

Smart Health is an overarching term, commonly used for smart applications on the mobile phone and fitness parameter tracking in sports. But to gain benefit for the health care system and patients, much more is needed to be "smart".
Smart Health is a patient-centric approach for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of health-related burdens. It stands for interconnected point-of-care-diagnostic tools, smart medical devices (invasive and non-invasive), e-health products and services with constant data exchange and processing.
The generated data in combination with specific information about individual patients will turn standard treatments into precision diagnosis and cure. Acute and chronic diseases will be facilitated by preventive healthcare and health management. The session will give an overview of already existing "Smart Health"-applications and cutting-edge research.

>> short info about 12th Silicon Saxony Day "Looking Beyond Horizons" (PDF)

The activities and the network thrive on your input, so don’t hesitate to give us your proposals and suggestions!

The cooperation with BioRegion STERN Management GmbH launched under the "Medical Technology Action Plan" will be continued and strengthened within the Section Medical Technology.

This project is supported by the Free State of Saxony with funding from the GRW Joint Task "Improvement of the Regional Economic Infrastructure".

Sektion Medizintechnik - Ihr Netzwerk für die Medizintechnik in Sachsen

Head of section

Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Seidel
Deputy Chair
Fon: +49 37468 7647 0
CEO of XotonicsMED GmbH

Head of project

Dr. Madlen Schiller
Project Management
Tel: +49 351 7965-602

Support Activities in Medical Technology (Selection)

  • KMU-innovativ: Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien
    Das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) verfolgt mit der Fördermaßnahme "KMU-Innovationsoffensive IKT" das Ziel, das Innovationspotential kleiner und mittlerer Unternehmen (KMU) im Bereich Spitzenforschung zu stärken sowie die Forschungsförderung im Rahmen des IKT-Fachprogramms insbesondere für solche KMU attraktiver zu gestalten, die zum ersten Mal einen Antrag auf Forschungsförderung stellen. Dazu hat das BMBF das Antrags- und Bewilligungsverfahren vereinfacht und beschleunigt, die Beratungsleistungen für KMU ausgebaut. Ziel der Maßnahme ist, dass KMU die Potenziale der IKT stärker nutzen. Mit Hilfe dieser Fördermaßnahme sollen sich KMU im Markt für IKT etablieren und wettbewerbsfähiger werden. Es sollen KMU unterstützt werden, die auf dem Gebiet der IKT tätig bzw. ihr Geschäftsfeld durch den Einsatz von IKT erweitern und stärken wollen. >>MEHR


  • Event: "Medical Technology in Saxony. A Cross-Section of the Industry”, December 7, 2016 >>More
  • Cleanroom Symposium: “Current Aspects of Cleanroom Technology”, October 25, 2016 >>More
  • 12th biosaxony Business Breakfast hosted by the Law & Taxes Working Group: “Patenting Innovations in Medical Technology: Scope, Limitations and Consequences”, September 23, 2016 >>More
  • Medical Technology Steering Committee founded in June 2016: Its job is to identify the main themes, problems and requirements of the biotech sector and hence set the agenda for the Section Medical Technology. >>More
  • Medical Technology Project Workshop “A Clean Future”, May 25, 2016 @ Leipzig // An event hosted by the WFS Saxony Economic Development Corporation >>More
  • Medical Technology in Saxony – Basic Data 2015 and Prospects (survey)